Thursday, April 30, 2009


I guess I should have mentioned that one of the reasons I really want her trained is that she HATES diapers changes as most toddlers do I assume. She cries, arches her back, kicks me etc etc.... all rather annoying to say the least. And of course there is the toddler poop factor. Enough said!
Plus being that she is in cloth she definitely knows wet from dry.. either way I will give it a shot and assume I will be changing diapers for a while yet. I am going to buy her some "pretty" undies and see if that changes anything.

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caroline said...

Yeah Jo is like 50/50 with diaper changes. She thinks it's REALLY funny to try and get away from me before I can put a new diaper on her which sometimes makes it pretttty hard to get her to sit still. And I TOTALLY get the kicking thing! She doesn't necessarily kick on purpose but she'll stretch her legs out and lock her knees thus digging her feet into my stomach, it's annoying!