Saturday, April 11, 2009

Keira and her babies

Keira is so in love with her babies. She always has one tucked under her arm no matter what she is doing. She sleeps with them, takes them in the car and always always plays with them. She begs us to take them in the tub and so far we have yet to get an all plastic one so we have to say no.


caroline said...

haha she is such a cutie with her purse around her neck! Jo loves her babies too and her purses. And whenever she thinks someone is leaving, whether it's me, Rob, or her Nana she asks us if we have our purse haha

Jennifer said...

Us to...we did have one that was a Water Baby that stays in her bathtub..she shampoos her babies hair every night...I am thinking it will make being a big sister that much more fun...or least I am hoping!!