Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bachelor Party Weekend

Last week Mike started laying the decking boards. He worked Wed & Thurs and got about 5 rows done. We were busy this weekend with Matt's bachelor party (planning and hosting) so there wasn't much time to work. He did work today for about 4-5 hours and laid decking boards on half of the deck. Starting to actually look like a deck. Hopefully he will finish the other half soon!! Then railings and voila...

And don't worry...Matt's bachelor party was just some barbecue food and people gave Matt tools that he will need (real tools like a drill, saw, etc...).

I planted some lettuce in these containers. Never tried before, but figured it was worth trying to be able to eat some fresh lettuce. We have quite a few of our perrenials blooming. And I mowed the lawn for the first time this year and Mike did some weed-wacking.

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MK said...

The plants look beautiful. You'll probably want to elevate the lettuce planters -- I remember you had rabbits last year, and they go right for lettuce. Maybe put them on the deck once it's finished?

Thanks for everything this weekend. It was great and I know Matt had a good time!