Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let the nesting begin!

This is Keira's playroom before I got the urge to organize. Now that we are going to double our toy stash over the next few years I figured we needed a few more shelves and we all know closets apparently don't exist in houses built in 1955. I saw something similar to this on my friend Carolyn's blog, so really the idea was hers and I just copied it!

So the plan of where to put the little guy is this.. he will be in our room in a bassinet then crib for a few months ( its gonna be tight but doable) and then he will move upstairs. I can't fathom putting a little boy in a purple room so I have told Mike its time to remodel the second bedroom on the second floor. Currently its our storage space and has no flooring ( we ripped our the shag carpet when we moved in and haven't replaced it yet), paneling on the walls and about 30 layers of wallpaper- okay maybe not 30 but at least 4. Plan is to do something similar to Keiras room maximizing the space under the eves with 2 built in bunks ( in case we have another boy in a few years although I like to think we are going to have more girls!) and built in dressers. Where the money to do this is going to come from is beyond me but now that I am back to cooking dinner 85% of the time I am hoping we can save some money there.
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caroline said...

Looks great! Where'd you get the shelf? It's a lot like the idea I had with the Ikea unit we got, the original unit we were going to get was all just a bunch of cubes but then we went with the TV stand version surrounded by cubes. It definitely helps! =)

Reilly D said...

Looks awesome Tanya!

k's mama said...

We got it at Target. Its actually 2 8 cube and 2 other something tubes put together to look like one unit... it comes with cheap wall supports though so MIke had his own.

Teresa and Shawn said...

Double the stuff? ha ha ha.... I don't know how it happens, but it's more like quadruple the stuff each time you have a new baby.

The playroom looks awesome! We did the same kind of thing in the kids' bedroom closet before Violet was born (since we were moving Simon in with the older two). We used the shelves and drawers Target had as well, and Shawn constructed it with more supports (like Mike had to do) and added a clothes bar, too. Such a great use of otherwise wasted space.