Sunday, May 24, 2009

Growing up

So far the only thing attempted potty training has done is convince Keira that being naked 24-7 is the way to go. She tells me "No diaper No diaper!" all the time now... but just because she is running around naked does not mean that she will go sit on the potty if she has to go.

Since we are not purchasing a second crib we thought it might be nice to attempt to get Keira out of the crib around August/September. We purchased the mattress this weekend because I figured I will give her plenty of time to see the bed, play on it, get used to it ect. No rush as its only late May. Here is Mike in step one of built in bed set up.. apply non skid contact type lining to prevent the mattress from sliding around

Step 2 - Apply waterproof mattress pad, sheets and lots of extra pillows around bed as we made the bed a few inches bigger than the mattress so changing the sheets wouldn't be a huge pain. Problem is Keira is so small I was afraid she would fall down in the crevice and get stuck.. hence all the extra pillows in the side of the bed.
Step 3- read lots of stories on the new bed.
Step 4.. be really surprised when your toddler wants to sleep in the bed and actually falls asleep in it. So far she has been sleeping for 2 hours
Step 5- Wish you had a video monitor so see what is actually going on in that room! Open door to check on toddler and wish you had a video monitor again as the door squeaks
step 6-Make Mental note to WD40 the door tomorrow, tip toe in the room and struggle to keep from laughing out loud as you find your toddler passed out in her new bed with the bed light ( see pic above) on! Mike installed that light so when she is older she can read in bed. Anyone with a toddler knows how much they love switching the lights on and off!
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caroline said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that built in bed. I forgot how low it was (hence my Facebook comment) and it also looks like the edge is higher than the mattress so it kinda acts as a bedrail anyway.

Anonymous said...

looks awesome!!! I am glad she slept in it for you. all of my kids have been in the toddler bed by age 2 (except Grace). Don't be suprised if she eventually starts sleeping on the floor instead of the bed.

the deck looks awesome also. enjoy it!!