Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bedtime Battles

Keira had us all fooled with her good bedtime behavior. She was a perfect angle for the first 2 nights in her big girl bed.. and then she realized she has all his power and freedom at her fingertips why not use it a bit?
So now that she has figured out how to get in and out of bed- out is the only place she wants to be. She climbs out of bed as soon as we finish all the story reading. We close the door and the baby gate because we know that very soon she will figure out how to open the door. She then proceeds to stand by the door and whine, cry and talk for a long time. The past nights its been between an hour and an hour and a half.. standing by the door whining and talking and occasionally crying. She is always worse when I put her to bed so 90% of the time its Mike's job. Yesterday she refused to take a nap and stood up by the door doing the usual for an hour and 10 min until I gave up and brought her downstairs... she skipped a nap for like the second time in her life!
Oh well. Such is life with a toddler.


Teresa and Shawn said...

All very typical, Tanya! It will get better. Each of my kids went through a no-napping phase when we moved them into a big bed. Then they started taking naps again after the novelty wore off. Just expect Keira to sleep in other places in her room other than her bed at first!

MommyKW said...

Taylor to a tee! haha! She gave up naps very early, so it was bedtime that was our nightmare. She whined and cried and at that time, I was a sucker! I would just bring her in with us (because I was pregnant with Blake and was horribly sick) and she ended up sleeping with us for A LONG time. If you can stick with letting her cry until she realizes she has to go to bed, than good for you! I can do it now, but back then, I was so easy! haha!

Anonymous said...

you just explained exactly all the reason Grace is still in the crib! Imagine how much fun it would be with 3 older sibling! Good thing you are doing it now rather than later because you will need your crib. Faith will be with us for a while so when we need the crib Grace must move out (hopfully not until she is 3).