Thursday, July 09, 2009

Decisions Decisions

This pregnancy has made me useless to make a decision. Besides the baby's name which we still haven't decided on... we are going back and forth about circumcision, and whether to rent a birthing tub or not. Its driving me crazy that I can't decide on this stuff but at the same time I can't commit to a decision!
Comments welcome on any of it.... :o)


Anonymous said...

birthing tub = yes
the tub helps so much with the contractions


caroline said...

I think you'll regret it if you do a home birth and you have no other pain relief, you will want that birthing tub!!!

Teresa and Shawn said...

Yes on circumcision - my boys had
zero problem with it
Definite yes on birthing tub. I LOVED laboring in the tub. My "favorite" part of labor!

Jill said...

Hi this is Jill (TravisandJill) from CAF :) I am not sure about the labor tub since I was stuck in bed with an epidural both times but we decided NOT to circ our son. Did a ton of research and even saw a few videos on how it was done and it was worse than watching a gruesome scary movie for us. We knew we could not do that and so far he has not had one issue with it :) I suggest watching the videos, there should be some on you tube or email me and I will send u some (

Also check out forum...they have a circumcision forum that you can check out

Good luck!

Liz said...

Definitely, yes to both the tub and the circumcision. Tub will be your only pain relief. Circumcision - the videos might look scary but even scarier is a young baby or little boy's infected penis and scrotum because it wasn't properly cleaned. I am sure I could dig up some post-op pics...not pretty.