Monday, July 06, 2009

Bye Bye TV!

Yesterday Mike sold his TV on Craiglist. He dropped it off and set it up and wall mounted it for the buyer. We haven't bought a new one yet. Mike is still searching the Internet for deals. I told him he could spend $600 and he wants to spend $800... so I said I would compromise and allow $700. We sold the old one for $600( including the wall mount and set up) so its really not costing us much. Keira keeps asking to watch her Mother Goose Barney Video. We explained to her 100 times that the TV is gone and she can't watch it. Imagine our surprise when after breakfast she brought the DVD to daddy and said... "Watch Mother Goose on the computer Daddy???" Too funny!! She might have her daddy's techie brain after all.
My garden appears to have suffered some damage from the month of rain and lack of sun. The only thing that looks good and is producing is my sugar snap peas. The green beans look pathetic, the cucumbers haven't grown in a week or 2 and the lettuce is done. Tomatoes look okay but again are pretty small for having been in the ground for almost 2 months. Nothing is dead so they might bounce back if we get some decent sun but the forecast is calling for more rain so we will see. I swear if I don't get a good cucumber crop I might give up gardening all together ( veggies that is). Its been 2 years since I had some good cukes as lasts years crop was ruined by rain and mildew and I just want some good, crisp garden cukes!
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caroline said...

Mike set it up and mounted it for the buyer? Geez, what a nice guy you are Mike! Not a lot of people selling stuff on Craigslist would do that.

I have a feeling that if our TV didn't work Jo would think of the computer as well haha it's so funny, we have no idea how much they really know!

Jennifer said...

Do you have a Sams club where you live...we bought a 47 in flat screen for a little over 700.00 there. Its a Vizio which is made by Sony.