Sunday, July 19, 2009


Its hard to tell but the tile have little gold speckles on them thus dating the tile quite a bit.

This is the bathroom before demo. There are several areas where the tiles have already been removed as the bathroom has been a work in progress basically since we moved in. We have slowly over the past 2 years replaced all the molding, the shower, the vanity, toilet, painted, new fixtures , new tile floor , and finally new bead board on the walls. Mike has vowed to finish all his "works" in progress in case a house pops on the market that we can afford that has more space. We are emailed all the new listings at appear on the market in our price range and we want to be able to put our house on the market in a moments notice if need be. The bathroom is the last unfinished project before we dive into the nursery remodel for unnamed baby boy!
Anyways the "project" was to replace all the old speckled tile with new vinyl bead board. He was able to finish half of the bathroom today and it came out great!
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caroline said...

Demoing tile must've been messy!