Saturday, July 04, 2009

More nesting

Its been about 5 days since I posted any pics of cleaning, organizing and nesting so its time for a few more. :o) The sun actually came out yesterday and today ( of course we did have some rain both days) but hey at least the sun was out again!! If the sun returns full time as it should be I should probably slow down with the cleaning and organizing and spend my energy playing outside with Keira. Anyways Mike and I did this on Thursday eve when it was raining of course. We set the crib up in our room to make sure it would fit. Keira was in our room in a bassinet for 2 months and then moved to the crib in her own room at 2 months old. This guy doesn't have a room to move into ( probably won't till next summer) and I don't want to put him in with Keira until he is sleeping through the night ( and at that point hopefully his room will be done) So anyways he is going to have to bunk with us. Since we never had the crib in our room ( just the bassinet) we set it up to make sure it would fit and it does although its a wee bit crowded in there!

Mike installed another shelf to hold extra blankets and random stuff.

This is how close the crib is the foot of our bed!!
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caroline said...

We have you beat! Jo's crib used to be inches away from my side of the bed, I couldn't even squeeze through I had to crawl over the bed to get on my side haha

I'm loving these shelves you guys are putting up! We need something like that.

k's mama said...

haha.. yeah Caroline you got me beat I guess!

Teresa said...

The shelves are a great idea! Just be careful that nothing could fall off onto baby and hurt him. Good luck with the organizing!

MommyKW said...

Sounds like you have a good plan! How exciting!