Saturday, July 25, 2009

We are here!!!

After a crazy morning we have arrived at the beach house. Its perfect and plenty big and super close to the beach!!!!
The day started off rough since we woke up to no hot water and a mini flood in the basement thanks to Keira who had shut off the boiler the night before and we hadn't realized it! After that mess we had to repack the car- too much stuff and then as we finally headed out the car wouldn't start. Turns out the GPS plugged in had drained the battery. So we jump started the car and headed out. We stopped halfway at my cousins house for an awesome lunch and arrived in Narragansett, RI around 3 pm. We unloaded the car and went to the grocery store and spent a ridiculous amount of money at the only Stop and Shop in the area. Gotta love vacation spots and their way overpriced food! Anyways Mike is putting Keira to bed now and we are heading to the beach to hang out! Looking forward to a all day beach day tomorrow.


caroline said...

Hope the weather cooperates!

Anonymous said...

A rainy day on vacation with family is better than a rainy day at home!