Friday, July 24, 2009


Wow. I haven't posted since Monday. That's some serious blog neglect for me. I don't really have an excuse except that life had been pretty boring around here. Its been raining most of the time ( big surprise) so we have been stuck inside. And trying to entertain a 2 year old inside in the summer is no small feat. Usually we just end up cleaning and organizing something with Keira being my "helper" Other than that we have been packing for vacation. We leave tomorrow and are all pretty excited and hoping we get some sun. Heat doesn't seem to be in the forecast. The highest temp is 80 in the 10 day forecast and there are lots of clouds but we are trying to be optimistic. Its a bit disappointing that all this rain and cool temps has failed to warm up the ocean water. Last year it was slightly cold but we were all able to get in many times and enjoy the water and the great waves this beach has to offer. It was definitely at least 70 degrees (water temp last year) this year its 61..... COLD.
I am however excited that Hippert was kind enough to let us borrow his Suburban so now I can bring everything I wanted to bring and not worry about running out of room in our tiny Jetta. We are planning on bringing Keira to her very first Zoo experience too so that should be interesting.
Other than that I am officially in the third trimester!!!! 80 days to go until we get to meet little man with no name! Call me crazy but I am thinking of possibly switching midwives as well. The ones I have are very nice and I like the way the practice is run ( very non medical) but I don't feel like I know the midwives at all nor do they know me any better than a doctor would. Its hard to explain but I am not sure if we ( meaning the midwife I have and I ) are the best fit. Anyways.. I am going to interview another midwife just to see if I get a different vibe. I figured it wouldn't hurt anything. We will keep you posted.

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caroline said...

I wish I could come by and meet you guys! Think of me when you go to the zoo, I used to work in the gift shop! DON'T GO IN THERE! It's ridiculous haha it's soooo expensive. I went recently and the prices got even worst than they were when I worked there. Also my parents house is about 2 minutes driving distance from the zoo, say hi to them for me! hahahaha