Thursday, July 02, 2009

When will the sun shine???

Its been a crazy month but the craziest thing of all is it has rained almost every single day in June. Its been cold- in the 60's , cloudy and depressing, and crazy humid. Not summer weather at all. Its now July and still raining. Amazingly enough our basement has stayed dry. We have been running our dehumidifier and AC constantly ( I can't wait to see our electric bill) to just dry out the air because its just so darn sticky and humid everywhere. The bugs must love it because there are about 10,000 more than usual. Not fun summer weather at all. We have been stuck inside and resorted to winter entertainment tricks, arts and crafts, lots of play dough. I am running out of good ideas. Keira whines to out and we do... and get soaked, play in the puddles and then come back in. We have baked stuff, cleaned stuff, and made stuff. Yesterday She spent a half hour applying band aids to her dolls face that she had just colored all over and I let her because it entertained her. At this point we are down to watching more Barney than normal because their simply isn't anything else to do. Its summer... we should be able to play outside and I will probably keep whining until we do.
No ones outdoor pool has warmed up because their has been no sun and now I am starting to wonder how freezing the ocean will be for our RI vacation in a month since there hasn't been much sun or warm weather to do the trick.
It feels like fall outside.. all that's missing is the pretty leaves and the new baby brother.
Mike has joined me in the nesting and selling alot of stuff we don't use on Craigslist and Ebay. He got a little crazy and just sold our 4 year old flat screen 42 inch plasma TV!!! He wants to spend some extra $$ to buy a bigger and better one but I am trying to convince him its really not necessary especially considering we get not ONE channel and only watch movies a few times a week. Is an 800-1000 dollar TV really needed? I would rather build up our savings account and replace our TV with a slightly smaller but better TV and not have to spend anymore money than we sold the other one for. Its one of the best friendly arguments that we have had in a while so we will see who wins this one. Mike knows how to be really annoying when he wants something and just to shut him up I have been known to give in... not this time! :o)
Speaking of baby brothers... yes he is still nameless. Mike suggested a new name yesterday that is possibility so I am trying it out in my mind for a few weeks to see how I like it. We will keep you posted.
In the next few weeks we look forward to our beach vacation ( I'm ordering some sun please!!!), blueberry season ( just waiting on some sun of course!!!), and the third trimester ( because it brings us closer to baby being born=not being pregnant anymore= feeling 10x better!)


The Real EMO said...

You can use the name I suggested if you let me buy the bigger TV.

caroline said...

You don't get ONE channel? Sorry Mike... but I gotta side with Tanya if that's the case haha.

I hope the sun comes out for your vacation!

k's mama said...

nope.. Not one!!

caroline said...

I wouldn't be able to live haha. Well in that case... I REALLY gotta side with Tanya on this one! What's the point if you're not big TV watchers? Well... if you're not TV watchers at all actually haha.

The Real EMO said...

Ok...maybe we don't have cable.

But we do watch rented movies (DVD and BluRay), Netflix Streaming and Netflix movies (BluRay and DVD).

We watch a lot of Netflix Streaming; we have watched Law and Order:SVU from Seasons 1-7 recently.

So, don't let her fool you.

We let Keira watch an hour or less of TV per day during her whiny time.