Sunday, October 23, 2011

Always a weekend project or two

They unexpectedly closed a Lowes store around here last Sunday. They are also closing the Lowes in the next town over. Before it closes they are doing liquidation sales - currently everything in the store is 20% off. So we spent a small fortune there this past weekend buying a few faucets for the eventual bathroom remodel x3, a new gas stove with double convection ovens, and loads of misc stuff. Among them new outdoor lighting. The current lights were motion detecting lights and I want lights that I can leave on all light long as a well lit house at night is a major crime deterrent. Not to mention the current lights were ugly and used low voltage bulbs. We got these lights for 14 a piece. The above pic is the new light

New lights on both sides of the door. Also we added a number plaque as there were no numbers on the actual house, only the mailbox.

a close up

old ugly lights

the front entry with the old lights and no house numbers

Mike has also been spending any available minute working on the basement. He is half the way done with electrical and the next phase is dry wall!

We have a plumber coming to run the gas line for the new stove ( the current stove is electrical) so once that is done we can get the new stove/oven installed. We are also getting a new water heater installed. Thats all in the works for the next few weeks.

AND... we have borrowed a wall paper remover steamer thingie so that the ugly wall paper can start to go. I will be so excited to see that go!!!!

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