Monday, October 10, 2011

Israel turns 2!

Birthday bash 1 was yesterday with the Vigneau clan. Memere and Pepere gave Israel a contruction comforter set for his twin bed ( that we hope he will soon sleep in). He also got an awesome Tonka garbage truck and a few other trucks plus a Sponge Bob balloon.

We gave him kid sized power gardening tools because he has to mow when Mike is mowing and weed wack when Mike is using the weed wacker, and the leaf blower etc. We call him our little landscaper! So he got a battery powered leaf blower, weed wacker, mower and chain saw all sized just right for him! ( pics to follow in a different post)

The totally awesome dump truck dirt cake Mike made. Ebay strikes again with the little truck cake toppers.

" Look daddy! There is guys with shovels on it!" he says when he first saw the cake!

Up close of the dump truck dirt cake

Cake pre frosting- We happened to have a pan that was just hte right size to fit in the back of the truck. Mike made the cake, made butter cream/ cream cheese frosting, topper with crushed Trader Joe's choc sandwich cookies and added the trucks and gummy worms.

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