Monday, October 17, 2011

Project fire wood

Mike's homemade wood rack for the garage. So we always have a super dry stash for an impromtu fire.

beautiful stacked wood

We ordered a cord of wood but I am pretty sure this is more than 1 cord considered it filled 3 large racks to and above max capacity.
Notice how nice it looks stacked? ( that's 3 racks there)

Remember that it looked like this before???
Mike and I spent over an hour outside in the dark at 8 pm in mosquito proof gear stacking wood ( because we all know its impossible to get anything done with the kids around so we had to wait till they went to bed). Two days later we wake up to see that the wood rack has fall over on the fence. The feet had sunk in the gravel. So Mike had to take all the wood off the rack, stablize the legs of the rack on wood and then we had to restack the whole darn pile. I think I'm starting to get why people like gas fireplaces better..... but I'll stick with my story that there is nothing quite like a real wood fire blazing in the fireplace.

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Director of Student Life - Austrian Program said...

Agree -- nothing like a real wood fire!!