Saturday, October 01, 2011

Happy 6 Months Nairi!

6 months already!!! No teeth. We have given you food all of once... and I think you put one grain of rice in your mouth! We are letting you self feed and I don't think your pincer grasp is good enough for that yet. Still army/ inch worm crawling and getting pretty fast at it. Sitting up of course. Sleep... not so good. You wake up a million times at night- okay not that many but at least every 2-3 hours and we are so exhausted Mike and I have forced ourselves to start a coffee habit ( or raw milk pumpkin latte's to be exact) just so we can do our jobs. You also refuse to fall asleep on your own and must be rocked, nursed or bounced to sleep on the exercise ball. You remain prima donna baby as everything must be just so or you complain. You don't tolerate baby apparatuses for more than 2 min and even the floor is only so entertaining for 5ish min.

Your siblings adore you and Israel affectionally calls you Nairi Bean!!

But we love you like crazy and can't wait to see who you become.

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