Monday, October 17, 2011

The darn thing!

Its not good when your garbage disposal ceases working at the beginning of a weekend. It leaves you unable to cook ( kitchen too messy), clean or put away any kitchen mess. We still have to eat of course so the kitchen looked like this for a day.

This is the second time the stupid thing stopped working. The first time it was my fault as I did put a peach pit down the poor thing and clogged the blade. We were able to remove the peach pit and continue on our merry way. This time I did nothing. Mike took it apart and put it back together but it was leaking and the blade wasn't working so we chucked the whole thing and spent $180 on a high horse power new garbage disposal. We had no idea how old the current disposal was and it was pretty smelly and disgusting.

Have I mentioned how much I hate plumbing projects??

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