Sunday, October 02, 2011

Mornings at our House

After 3 kids, we have been finally pushed over the edge.  The lack of sleep has gotten to us.  WE have joined the rest of America in taking up a caffeine habit in the form of Coffee.  Neither Mike nor I like the bitter taste of coffee, so we need to mask it somehow.  We really like the Pumpkin Latte from Dunkin Donuts, but our budget doesn't allow a daily indulgence of this.  Also, it goes against our all-natural way of life.  I would rather have something made from scratch, then the packet of artificial stuff they put in the pumpkin latte.

So, we found a pumpkin latte recipe on a website (gotta love the Internet).  It is great!!  Of course there is a shortage of pumpkin, so we have to find other solutions that work for us.  We made some modifications to the recipe in that we used steamed milk.  Mike came up with an ingenious way of making steamed milk without an espresso machine.  I am sure it is not as good, but it works for us.  He uses a hand mixer and mixes the milk as he heats it on the stove.

We started making a Chocolate Mocha Latte this morning.  That is the picture above.  We uses Trader Joe's All Natural Chocolate Syrup and add it to the coffee and then pour the steamed milk on top.  To me, it looks like a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts latte, but has better ingredients!!

It is DELICIOUS, low in sugar and has the necessary caffeine to get us through the day with 3 children under 4.

The kids on the other hand had Nachos for breakfast, which means they eat the cheese off the chips and then put the chips back on the plate.

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KeithKathyHolley said...

So, three kids under four? I thought Keira was four. I must be confused. Anyway, I love your blog. Your kids are exceptionally cute and sweet. I admire your mothering.

Best Wishes~~
Kathy Holley