Monday, October 17, 2011

Fire Station Open House

 These first 3 pics are random that were on Mike's phone that haven't been posted yet, but are super cute.

The rest of the pictures are from yesterday's Open House at the Fire Station.  Mike took Israel and Keira to the Londonderry Fire Station because they were having an Open House.  It was great!!  They were able to get on the extension ladder, climb into fire engines, fire trucks, ambulances.  They also had free pizza, cake, water, soda and hats.

Israel definitely enjoyed it more than Keira did, although Keira had a good time as well eating Pizza and such.

They enjoyed getting on the extension ladder.  They called the ladder rungs "monkey bars"

 There was a remotely controlled "Sparky" Dog in a fire truck that was talking to the kids and had a microphone so he could actually interact.  Israel loved it and Keira enjoyed it as well.

Israel didn't want to get out of the fire truck.  He kept telling Mike to "close the door and take a picture"!! 

Since they love water, they wanted to keep using the hose to spray water.  They did it twice and kept wanting to go back.

 Mike was able to actually get a picture with both of the children in the fire truck.  Israel had to stand up otherwise you wouldn't be able to see him over the steering wheel.

Sitting in the ambulance.

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