Saturday, June 07, 2008

Keira update

Keira's leg looks ALOT better!!!
The Goats milk trial is not going well..... She spit up today- a huge, thick yucky spit up... and she has the same old diaper rash she always gets from dairy!!!!
ohhh and the no AC isn't going well either. Keira fell alseep for about 15 min and is up.... its past her bedtime and she is exhasted but won't sleep even though I have her stripped down to her diaper.


Caroline said...

A couple of days ago Jo took a long nap, 2 hours and 15 minutes or so and when I picked her up there was a HUUUUUGE wet circle on her pillow where her head was and the whole back of her body was SOAKED. That's the day I made my father-in-law and Rob put in the air conditioner in our room. Do you guys have air conditioners already? Maybe put it in her room and only turn it on during naps and nighttime?

P.s. Glad her leg is looking better!

MommyKW said...

I think I would have broken down and turned it on! I can't sleep when it's hot either!