Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Carseat fun

So some reason or another Keira's old car seat that we use in the truck was in the house yesterday. Keira spent a good deal of time playing in it and climbing in it and on it. By looking at these pictures you would never guess this girl does NOT like her car seat. All the playing was done with me sitting right next to her of course- every time I left her sight she immediately got upset. Separation anxiety has definitely set in again. Its much more easily manageable now that I have my Mei Tai Hip carrier. K loves it and its pretty comfy. I'll post a few pics of it later.
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Caroline said...

Jo gets like that when she's really tired or teething really bad. She does the same thing, she'll be fine if you're in the room and will be playing on her own just fine but the second you walk away she's like crawling after you at the speed of light going "ehhh EEEEH EEEEEH" haha it's pathetic!

sarah said...

of course it's fun when you don't have to stay in it:o)

How is the mei tai?

MommyKW said...

That reminds me I need to get my hip carrier back from my sister! Samantha would love to do that when we're shopping instead of sitting in the cart! Sniff! We just put that baby car seat in the attic today! Our babies are too big!