Wednesday, June 11, 2008



Green Beans

Sugar snap peas

Tomatoes ( in the cages) and cucumbers to the right of the tomato plants.
This is the first year I have planted veggies from seeds. Last year I bought all seedlings. I wasn't sure how my luck would be with the seeds but they are looking good so far!!!!
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Caroline said...

Yaaaaay! That's so cool that you're growing your own veggies... I wouldn't even know where to begin!

MommyKW said...

they look good! it's amazing that we really aren't that far apart and the "time" difference in what starts growing where! I will have to post pics from our garden because we started it from seeds and you wouldn't believe the difference in ours and yours!

The Real EMO said...

MOmmykw- I am guessing that the forst warning in PA is earlier?? Because you aren't really supposed to plant annuals or veggies until after June 1st.. or if you do you have to go out and cover them when its 30 degrees at night. The growing season is so short here! I hate it!-tanya

Anonymous said...

Ya know ya gotta love California for something! We are already eating squash (b-b-q'd is awesome with a litte olive oil and seasonings). Eating cucumbers and green peppers! Sorry... and our tomato plants are a least 3-4 feet tall and loaded with about ready to be picked in a few days. Uncle Ari planted everything on April 1..I think a grasshopper is eating the strawberries! Our herbs are huge...Been going to the Farmer's Market and the prices are higher this year glad we planted all we did. Thinking about having year round veggies with the prices around here.Good luck-Aunt Nancy K.

Jennifer said...

Nothing like home grown veggies. Too bad I am like Caroline, I would not even know where to start.