Friday, June 06, 2008

Allergy talk

Thank you all for your answers about the allergy stuff!!!! To answer a few questions if anyone has any links with good recipes etc for stuff as long as its gluten, wheat, soy, egg and dairy free- send it my way!!!
I actually have given her rice milk a few times. Some days she will drink it and some days she won't. Its a good source of calcium for babies but its fat free or close to fat free and babies need lots of fat until age too.... hence the Goat milk suggestion. After age 2 though I think rice milk would be a good option because its lots cheaper. I wish she could do soy milk. I am in love with the Silk Very vanilla soy milk. It tastes like a milk shake.
The tricky part with all of this is it leaves so little room for variety. Keira will pretty much only eat food that she can feed herself with the exception of applesauce and a few other things. I feel like I always feed her the same foods... Dry oat Cheerios and rice crispies cold cereal, brown rice, brown rice pasta, steamed veggies, raw veggies grated, Tons and tons of fresh and dried fruit, Turkey and chicken, all natural deli meat and hot dogs. For treats ( after meals) we do fruit leathers, rice cakes, and salty puffed veggie puffs and chips. Anyone have any other ideas????


Caroline said...

Which grocery store do you generally use?

I don't know if you have a Stop & Shop near you but even if you don't I think this may give you some ideas. Go here: and click on Gluten Free Foods and you can atleast see all the types available, it may give you some ideas.

Anonymous said...


You could call or go into A Market off So. Willow St in Manchester or the Food Coop in Concord on Main Street. I would think they would have information for you, or at least know where to point you to get the information.


Tracy said...

I just google gluten free kids, gluten free recipes, etc and get tons of recipes. I just made bagels tonight but they had eggs and milk... can you use the replacers?