Monday, June 09, 2008

There goes the electric bill!!!!!

So we caved.... on the AC that is! Around 9 30 last night when it was still 82 degrees and super humid Mike went down and got the AC for our bedroom and we ran it all night in our room and in Keira's. It was sooo hot. Today's high is 95.... We did not install the AC for the main house.. so during the day its HOT, but bearable I guess. Keira and I went to Mike's work at lunchtime to bring him lunch since he biked to work today. We basked in the AC for about an hour or so.
Tomorrow its supposed to be 99!!! I am currently working on a plan of action to go somewhere with AC or a pool for tomorrow since if its 100 and humid there is no way we can stay home all day with out passing out from heat exhaustion!


Caroline said...

Oh my god, I would die! haha I know I said that before haha but I reeeeeeeeeeeeally hate the heat. We have 3 air conditioners in the house and had them going all day today, I couldn't help it. If Mike bikes to work, how long does it take him?

The Real EMO said...

Its about a 5 mile bike ride to work for mike. Takes him about 30 min. I felt like dying it was so hot today. How at 9 30 pm its 86 degrees in here!!!! I am roasting!!! -tanya

MommyKW said...

Okay, I love the heat, but apparently kids do not! haha! Read my blog! I remember sitting in front of the air conditioner like it was the gateway to heaven! I know what you mean, though. Wednesday, it's supposed to get down to mid 80's and I'm turning it off!