Thursday, August 07, 2008

2 out of 5

One of the first things we need to do before we move Keira's bedroom upstairs is vent our roof. There is no venting up there so its super hot in the summer- dangerously hot. Like 100 and hotter. Mike being Mike wants to do the work but I would rather pay someone to do it so he isn't up there on the roof- not to mention he has like 6 projects he is in the middle of and venting the roof would probably take the entire weekend. So we emailed/called some local roofers to get a quote of the venting- We also either soon or in the not to distant future need to get our whole roof done.
Anyways out of the 5 we called or emailed 2 responded!!!!! Seriously what if the rest of us ran businesses or families like that??? The second guy was here this am so we are waiting for him to get back to us with a quote before we make any decisions. The first guy told us the whole roof needed to be done ASAP. We know it needs to be done soon but aren't so convinced that it needs to be done NOW. But we are happy that the 2 that responded seem to be decent people and actually responded.
Mike has started to work on Keira's new room to be so we can turn her old room into a playroom since its on the main floor. After trying very hard to remove 5+ layers of wallpaper Mike just tore the drywall down. The plan is new drywall, paint, a new and bigger window, a revamped closet, new lighting , and new bamboo flooring!!!! It will be great to have her upstairs so we don't have to be so quiet when she is sleeping.


MommyKW said...

That seriously sounds like us - always a project going on! Right now it's the yard, the basement, painting and oh yeah, life! But, hey, it saves a ton when you do it yourself! Good luck with the roof - you would think during financial times like these people would be anxious to do work, but you have to pull teeth to get them to call you back!

Caroline said...

Wow, the plan for her bedroom sounds great! You really do have to pull teeth to get contractors to call you back.. we're dealing with that right now, it's surprising to me too!