Monday, August 18, 2008

I was desperate for a second to myself to I could eat some lunch so I gave Keira daddy's poker set to play with. Actually I think its Uncle Greg's but daddy is borrowing it. As you can imagine the poker chips are ALL over my house but I did get to scarf down a turkey sandwich with only 4 interruptions of K bringing me books to read. She is obsessed with books. All day long she brings me book after book after book!
In other less exciting news our truck failed its yearly state inspection this morning.... and Mike is pretty sure the Jetta will fail as well when we get it inspected in October. We don't want to put money into either of them because they are getting old and unreliable- and getting a new car is not an option at the moment. Not sure what we will do. I HATE MONEY!!!!!
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Matt said...

Have Mike schedule more poker nights.

alexish5 said...

Sorry to hear about your cars. They are such a pain and just suck money out of you...but you need them. What about trading in the Jetta and getting something else?

hippert said...

I love the before and after pics! the knocked over car seat adds a nice affect!

Caroline said...

Jo is obsessed with books too! It started on our vacation earlier this month. She used to not sit still for you to read a book to her but now she brings me book after book after book all day long and she stands there and lets me read them to her and she likes to turn the page when I say so. Maybe that's something they get "into" at this age because Jo is the exact same way all of a sudden.

I'm sorry to hear your truck failed it's inspection =( what happened? So now what? do you have to just get rid of it?

P.s. I hate money too.