Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good Bye old roof

The old moss covered roof. Tomorrow the roof should hopefully be done ( new shingles etc and vented. They claim that it will be done in 1 day. They will be here bright and early at 7 am. Today they dropped off all the materials, ladders, and a HUGE dumpster in our driveway.

Yup Keira is eating her BBQ chips with a fork. Tooth number 8 has made its appearance!!! Its barely in but I am keeping my fingers crossed that soon it will be over until the next tooth arrives. K is no fun when she is teething.. she is whining, won't play and won't eat solids. Her diet the past few days has been Breastmilk and chips!
The big dumpster
The shingles and ridge vent.


Caroline said...

Bye bye old roof! Can't wait to see the new one =)

four4us said...

we had our roof done a couple years ago and they had it done just after lunch!! It is amazing how fast it goes.

Glad the tooth came through. Cara has HFM so she is whining, won't eat, etc... Fun Fun!

MommyKW said...

Chips with a fork! What an idea! Can't wait to hear if the new roof makes a difference in the temps in your upstairs. Sounds like it should!

alexish5 said...

Keira's too funny! How did she do with the fork?

Jennifer said...

Looks like she is doing really good with the fork. We are trying at my house but usually just make a big mess.