Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The loot!!!

There you have it. 150 articles of clothing, shoes, snow suits, coats, boots, Pj's, dresses. Basically its Keira's clothes for this winter. When I was pregnant with Keira I found this woman on Craigslist selling her daughter's clothes. Her daughter was born in May a year before Keira so all the clothes are the right sizes for the right seasons. All the clothes are name brand and barely worn... Carters, Gap, Old Navy, Children's Place etc. Anyways so all of Keira's clothes for her first year of life I bought off this woman. She kept my email address and now emails me about 2 times a year and we meet and I buy her daughters clothes off of her. She sells them for 75cents- 1 dollar a piece!!!! It takes about 5 min and its 1 stop shopping. I get everything I need for a certain size including shoes, coats, swim suits, Pj's etc all at once and for bargain prices . Its great!!!! As you can see I met her tonight to get clothes for the winter 12m-24 m stuff. And the best part is I don't have to worry about K ruining her clothes. I do scrub and soak etc to try to keep everything stain free but once in a while things get stained and I don't worry about it since the most I paid for an outfit is 1.00!!! :o)
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Caroline said...

WOW! That's a great deal you've got going on there!!!!

Anonymous said...

If only we could find our clothing that cheap.

You are going to have the best dressed daughter around. You do an excellent job at find these great bargains.

For really tough stains use Lestoil. You only need a little bit.


MommyKW said...

What a deal! What size does Keira wear now? I had to break out some 3T shorts for Samantha this morning! Pretty soon, Samantha and Taylor will be sharing! haha!

k's mama said...

haha. K is a shrimp. She still wears 12 m pants and all her clothes for the winter are 12-18m and 18-24m