Saturday, August 02, 2008

Christmas In August

I managed to get Keira's all of Keira's Christmas gifts at 2 yard sales this morning. A Little People Bus with Little People in it, a Little People doll house, a rocking chair, and a few other things. Here is K playing with the new toys before I put them away for Christmas. The best part?? I only spent 7 dollars!!! :O) I also got Keira a really cool sandbox for 3 dollars! We have to get some sand for it tomorrow and then we will post some pics.

Keira currently has a chair obsession. If she sees a chair she has to sit in it. She was so excited to see a chair her size. Mike is going to sand the chair and paint it and fix it up.

Other than that.... we had a crazy busy day filled with BBQ's!! Of courses we forgot the camera so we don't have pics.

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Caroline said...

Oh thank god, I'm not the only one who's already started Christmas shopping. Anytime I see a cute toy that's really cheap on clearance I buy it and put it away for Christmas... I only have like 3 things so far but I thought people were going to think I was crazy haha