Sunday, August 17, 2008

The story of the window.....part 1

So if you read this blog you know that Mike is working on converted the extremely outdated bedroom on the second floor ( one of 2) into Keira's new bedroom. Mike has totally gutted the room down to the studs and is doing new everything (even electrical and insulation). We have an undormered Cape house which means we have slanted walls on the second floor ( which is essentially the attic) and not alot of windows. We had hoped to bump out the roof and create 2 full floors and add lots of windows but we don't have the 10-20,000 right now to do that. So what we did do is put in a larger window in Keira's new room to let in more light. Mike bought the window in Ebay for half price( its a brand new window). Yesterday he tore out the window and went to MA to pick up the new window. As he was working to frame in the new window it started raining and raining and lightening and crazy raining with wind etc. So Mike had to tape plastic and nail random pieces of wood over the window to keep out the rain. Thus out house looked very ghetto ( check out the pics below). Today Mikes dad and Uncle came to help him install the new window and its in!!!!! It looks great!!! I am so excited to see Keira's room when its all done. Anyways the pics below ( a bit out of order) are of the old window ( the dark pics) and the new bigger window and Keira stealing daddy's drink.
In other exciting news our roof is being totally redone and vented this Wednesday!!!!!!!! Which means that it will no longer be 100 degrees on the second floor! Of course that also means that we are very very poor at the moment. We might be eating alot of beans and rice for the next few weeks till we recover from the cash it cost to do the roof!

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Caroline said...

Congratulations! I can totally feel your excitement because you know how excited I am about the construction over here! Both our girls are gonna have new rooms, yay!