Friday, August 15, 2008

Allergies and stuffed shells

Yesterday I made 2 pans of stuffed shells. Here they are before I put the sauce on. The foil wrapped part in the corner of the pan is Keira's meat, egg , spice and spinach part minus the cottage cheese and mozzarella part. The shells came out great. I used only cottage cheese this time instead of my usual cottage cheese and ricotta mix. With the ground beef and spinach and tomato sauce its delicious. I made some rice pasta for Keira and mixed the pasta with the meat mixture and the sauce and she loved it! Even the spinach as it was hidden so she didn't know she was eating veggies!!!
Per Keira's doctor every few weeks we try wheat, dairy and soy with her to see if she has outgrown issues with them. I thought we might be having some luck as she had been eating wheat for about a week and doing fine and then the spitting up started again. She can eat about a tablespoon of yogurt without any issues. Annoyed with all of it I finally made an appointment with a pediatric allergy and immunology specialist in Boston that comes highly recommended from a friend of mine who takes her son with a severe milk allergy to this doc. I am just not sure if Keira has some mild food intolerance's or just issues digesting stuff. Maybe she doesn't have allergies at all and has some gut issues. All I know is she is 14 months and spits up with certain foods and gets a red red diaper rash with certain foods. I also want some answers about her probable asthma and wheezing and her environmental allergies ( we give her Zyertec now and that seems to help with the constant eye and nose rubbing) I need some guidance about the whole thing. Even though her regular doc said that the tests can be inaccurate with children they might be able to tell us something and there are many options for allergy testing. Enough is enough. I need some answers. We don't need referrals so I just made an appointment with the specialist . Of course its not till the end of October but it will come soon enough. So back to the wheat, soy, and dairy free ( with the exception of a bit of yogurt) diet for Keira. Its such a pain because she wants to eat exactly what we are eating and not something different I have made for her.
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Caroline said...

Those look sooooo good! I hope you have some luck with the specialist in Boston, I can only imagine how frustrating it is to just want some answers and not just some beat around the bush excuse. I hope you find some answers!

Tracy said...

Oh dear. I feel for you and the food allergy issues. I as well as Jackson know what it is like to deal with multiple food allergies. I hope you find out more from this doctor. There are some great gluten free recipes out there and I would be more than happy to share my good recipes with you. What kind of spinich do you use?? Frozen or fresh.. canned?

MommyKW said...

Yummm! We are making great breakthroughs with Samantha's allergies. She has been eating quite a lot of different fruits and hasn't had any bad reactions to much except grapes. Connor has wheezing issues and uses the nebulizer. It's a FULL TIME job dealing with your kid's illnesses!

The Real EMO said...

I use 1 package of frozen spinach( defrosted and drained of water) for the stuffed shells.