Sunday, August 24, 2008

Scenes from Sunday

All pretty for church.
Daddy always makes Keira laugh!
This is my favorite picture. It just makes me laugh. Like her blueberry smoothie mustache?


Caroline said...

Oh my! Did she wear that heavy jacket out??? It was soooo hot here today. I love that picture too! Jo has gotten into sticking her tongue out recently.

k's mama said...

WE left the house at 730 and it was like 50's degrees out. It gets colder here in the morning lately. By the afternoon she was in shorts and a tank top.

MommyKW said...

Funny pics! I was wondering about that sweater as well! haha! The outfit with the Cherries on it, Samantha had the same one on on Friday!

Jennifer said...

I am ready for it to get cooler here...but it probably will not be until late October or November until we get to 50 degrees...K is always dressed so cute!!