Sunday, August 03, 2008


Daddy bought some sand for the new sandbox today. In between downpours ( I think it rained like 6 times today) K got to spend some time in it!
We also went and picked more blueberries. We didn't get to pick as many as I wanted because K was being a grump. She didn't want to be in the backpack, didn't want to run around, didn't want to be walked around, wasn't tired or hungry..... We never did figure out what she wanted other than for me to hold her. Oh well. She is usually such a good baby that once in a while I guess she is allowed to be a bit whiny and annoying.


Caroline said...

Sandbox, yaaaay! It rained a lot here too, I'm hoping for good weather in Connecticut! I'm also hoping the hotel has internet so I can upload the blog but not sure yet haha

Tracy said...

I sooo want a sandbox!!!! I bet Keira just loves it. I am jealous of the xmas present finds that you got.. garage sales around here stink! Sounds like you guys have had lots of rain. We have (or are supposed to have) a week without rain. Back to the kids!