Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its almost the end of summer and Keira's 12 month Capri's still fit like pants!!!!

awww- sweet sticky fruit leather. My favorite food... I get to eat it and walk all over the house touching everything in sight and making the whole house sticky. Mama loves it when I do that!!!

Mike had my camera at work all day yesterday so I didn't take one picture all day. Blogging without pictures is lame so I didn't even bother since there was nothing exciting going on anyways. Mike took the lenses apart to try and clean it... so far so good.


Caroline said...

When I first saw the picture with the fruit leather I thought she was eating chocolate!!!! hahaha

MommyKW said...

Funny - it did look like chocolate! Samantha loves those! I cut them into little strips because she sucks on it until she can shove the whole thing in her mouth at once! I think that might be a choking hazard! haha!

Jennifer said...

Where do you buy these Fruit leathers? I can't find them anywhere where I live. All of Brooke's capri's fit like pants... but both me and her Dad are short so she really does not have a chance.

The Real EMO said...

anywhere around here. Our regular grocery store has them. I bet you could order them off
K is shorter than any of her little friends... even the ones that are younger