Monday, July 21, 2008

Keira and Sarah, sunglasses, and green beans

Mike found my St. Thomas sunglasses in the truck today and Keira played with them. Then when he got home, he put them on her and she would walk around with them and laugh...and then take them off, but for the 10 seconds she had them on while walking was HILARIOUSLY CUTE.

Keira and Sarah got together today for the first time in a while!
All they wanted to do was take each other's toys and annoy each other. Oh well! Grumpy babies!
First batch of green beans...could have been the 2nd if it weren't for the stinkin' animal that was eating our plants :( we may not get Sugar Snap Peas :( But it looks like we did take care of the animal by closing up some gaping holes in our insect eaten fence.
But they were tender and delicious. With the price of food, we may just convert our entire backyard into a garden...or even better, a greenhouse.


Anonymous said...

Aaron has directions on how to build a greenhouse in your backyard.


Jennifer said...

I love Keira in yellow. Looks like you had fun on vacation....we have way to many critters to even think of having a garden in my backyard.

Caroline said...

It's funny you mention that... the other day I took Jo on a walk in a direction I've never gone in and I noticed that one house had a freakin' greenhouse in their backyard! I couldn't believe it. And it wasn't small, it was a full blown greenhouse.

Niki said...

Glad to hear the beach trip went well. Sorry we couldn't be there! We are back in Gaming and adjusting to unpacking and jet lag! We should be good in a couple of days!

alexish5 said...

The green beans look yummy! Thanks for coming over yesterday. It was nice to hang out. And....the pictures of Keira with the sunglasses on are precious!