Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 1 in Rhode Island

Our handsome bell boy!! :o) Keira started whining last night when I was setting up the pack and play- she knew bedtime was coming!

We brought the glow worm of course. Keira recently added a few new words to her vocab- Momeee, okay, and ut ohh. This morning she was cracking Mike and I up by throwing the glow worm in the tub and then loudly saying "Uttt ohhhhh!"

K playing with her allergy medicine bottle. We enjoyed a yummy breakfast of waffles, scrambled eggs, sausage, yogurt and home fries. Its 10 am and we are anxiously waiting for Keira to wake up from her nap so we can head to the beach!!! The weather is supposed to be beautiful and hot.

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Caroline said...

Jo throws EVERYTHING into the tub and then tries to get it and practically goes head first into the tub. Have fun today! I think it's so funny you guys are in my hometown practically!