Friday, July 11, 2008

A few pics of Keira being a cuddle bug with her glow bug this morning. She LOVES that thing. She carries it all over the house constantly which I know I have mentioned before but its funny because she isn't really attached to anything besides her thumb and her num nums ( nursing) and now the glowbug.
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Caroline said...

Awww, Jo lays her head down like that too when she's tired. Okay, I know I've also said this before, but it bothers me that that the glowworm doesn't glow for the whole song it's not even a long song it should glow the whole time! haha

WildRose said...

aww she looks so cute!! What a sweetie! Louisa has a glow worm, I should find it and see if she likes it!

MommyKW said...

Too cute! She looks like a big kid sitting in that chair!