Thursday, July 03, 2008

Adventures in darkness...

Yesterday I left the house at 4:30 pm to go pick Mike up from work. It was just starting to rain- the sky was very very dark and it was windy as well. As I opened the door to go outside it was sprinkling- it all of a sudden it went from sprinkling to raining buckets of water in about 60 seconds. I jumped in the backseat with Keira in my arms and sat inside the car while buckling her in carseat, then I climbed from the backseat to the front seat so I didn't have to go outside. It was now raining buckets, windy, thundering and lightening. Keira begins whimpering from the backseat. I am assuming she was scared because the raining hitting the car was so loud because of the wind. There is several inches of water on the road and since we don't have the best brakes or tires in the world I decide to drive through the city to get to to Mike's work instead of taking the highway. 20 min later we arrive at Mike's work ( which mind you is 5 miles from our house). After picking Mike up we arrive home to realize we have no power..... No biggie. I had planned to make tacos for dinner but since we have an electric stove that idea was out. All our neighbors also had no power. We wait till about 6 pm and then decide its time to do something about dinner. Being that we live within walking distance from fast food mile we had our pick of basically any fast food restaurant you could think of. We narrowed it down to Subway, Taco Bell and Dairy Queen. ( We never eat fast food so Mike was getting excited at this point) He picks Dairy Queen so we walk there and get double cheeseburgers. They were pretty good I will admit ( for fast food anyway) Keira thoroughly enjoyed her extremely unhealthy dinner of french fries. Thank goodness she can wash it all down with breast milk!!
After walking home we start to formulate a plan. Last night was my night to host my monthly woman's bible study. We gathered up all the flashlights we had ( which was about 6 or 7) checked the batteries in all of them. Only one needed new batteries. I gathered up a bunch of candles and lit them all. At 7 30 the bible study began.. we were fine until about 830 and then we pulled out the flashlights and sat by the candles for light. It all worked out ok.
Getting miss K to bed was another story. After our healthy dinner at DQ we let her play in the puddles, then gave her a bath.. trying to stall her bedtime assuming that the power would be on some time soon. Around 730 she starting staring off into space in the bath so Mike figured it was time to try to put her down for the night. The big problem is that she sleeps with a sound machine running, the ac running, the fan running etc. She has never slept in a silent room EVER. Also our house is tiny and her bedroom is on the main floor.... there was bible study going on and talking and noise. I knew she was never going to go to sleep. After an unsuccessful attempt Mike throws her in the car and drives around the city till she falls asleep. The power finally came back on around 10 pm... at which time Mike transferred her from the car to the house and she slept till morning.
The pics below are of Keira playing the the puddles last night and her begging me for more teething tablets this morning( she thinks they are like candy!).


Caroline said...

She looks so cute in that dress! I love her playing in the puddles, haha she loves the water so much. Watch out with those teething tablets, I used to let Jo play with them because she liked the noise it made when she shook them and she used to put the top in her mouth etc. then one day I opened them and they were allll moldy, some of her saliva must have gotten inside. I was pissed because it was practically a brand new bottle and ever since then I haven't let her touch them haha.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Keira can take a bad picture she is always so cute.