Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random stuff

Amazingly enough our huge parish had a lack of adorers for their 24 hour adoration/prayer chapel. Mike and I already have a weekly hour but since they were so desperate I signed up for another hour.... knowing that I would have to bring Keira with me. Today was the first day. I have to say she did great!!! We were in there for a whole hour and she was a model baby. She just walked around, talking to herself and swinging a rosary back and forth. There was another woman in there and K kept stealing her rosary and trying to talk to the lady who was ignoring her. About halfway through another woman came in with her 3 kids and after that K was even better . She was entertained watching the kids. It worked out beautifully.
This morning I woke up with ANOTHER clogged milk duct.... so weird, considering I never had an issues with clogged milk ducts until this week... and its not like Keira is weaning or anything!!!
Now we are off to the city library and Farmer's Market where I have 8 whole dollars to spend.....unless I hit up the ATM.


Caroline said...

Glad to hear Keira was so good at church! Lucky you getting out today... we're stuck here so I'm just trying to entertain Jo by bringing her on walks and outside and what not.

MommyKW said...

Glad to hear she did so well! Clogged milk ducts are horrible! Do the best you can. I cringed through every feeding, but once it's gone, it's like ahhhh!

Tracy said...

I remember those clogged ducts... man that hurt but like mommy said... when it gets unplugged it was the BEST!!!!