Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 4 in Rhode Island

These pics are out of order again.... But we are home ! After once last trip to the beach we headed back and I am happy to say we didn't hit any traffic! Amazing!!! Here is Keira in her high chair eating dinner
Keira thinks we are still on vacation. She is maxing and relaxing while she chomps on dinner.
Apparently sitting sideways in your chair is fun.... what a goofball.
Beach pics! Keira's favorite part about the beach-other than the waves of course. CHIPS!!!!
Feeding chips to Uncle Peter
More exciting chip eating pictures.
Cousin Alex gets buried


Caroline said...

How was the weather today in RI? is thunder stormed like crazy over here and I actually thought of you, was hoping bad weather didn't ruin your last day in RI! Did your relatives ever end up going to the zoo? How did they like it if they went?

k's mama said...

The weather was fine at the beach... occasionaly overcast but not that bad. My brother and family went to the zoo and the kids loved it!