Thursday, July 17, 2008

City Pool and vacation here we come!!!

We finally made it to the city pool yesterday!!!! Its only open for a few hours a day and usually there is a really long line to get into the pool and they only let so many poeple in. We meant K's friend Rosie and her mama there. Its the only pool in the city that has an area for babies/young kids and like a beach the water level starts at 0 and you just walk right in. Keira LOVED it of course!!!! They have all these cool shower thingies that drop or spray or shoot water up ( see pics above) that Keira loved to stand under even though the water pressure was really high. I couldn't really get any good pics of her in the pool because she was go go go and I had to watch her closely as she was walking in the water and would just keep going until it was up to her chin! She also kept trying to drink that water that was spraying from the fountain.
We are off to a beach weekend in RI this afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But never fear... as most of you know my husband.. you know that we would never go anywhere without of the computer!!! We will be blogging from the hotel room of course so stay tuned!!! Armed with 2 cell phones, a digital camera, GPS nativigation, and a laptop we are off to relax and enjoy the waves and hopefully warmer ( warmer than Maine that is ) beach water. :o)
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Caroline said...

Oh wow, that pool look so cool! The fountains and slide... wow! Well, have fun in my home state of RI! I don't know if you're still thinking about going to the zoo but my best friend back in RI just took her baby and said it's under construction until the end of July so a lot of it is closed so it's not as cool as it usually is haha.

I cant believe Keira would stand under those and walk until the water was up to her chin, Jo would FLIIIIIP OUT if I put her under one of those. I LOVE the water and I wish Jo liked it more!

Caroline said...
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k's mama said...

Thanks for the zoo info . My brother is definately planning on going.. not sure if we are but I will pass it on!

Anonymous said...

Which of Manchesters 4 public pools is this? Hunts years ago had 3 pools at one location, and one of them was only 2 feet and the other was a wade pool. I think those two are gone now though.


k's mama said...

Its the new pool at Livingston Park. I think it was newly built last summer or newly open last summer.

MommyKW said...

I LOVE that pool! Have fun on your vacation. Chris has sworn me off of taking the computer on our trip. We are, however, taking our GPS, the camera, the cell phone. . . just no computer!