Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just another rainy day

The rainy weather is starting to make us stir crazy. Its summer. We should be outside playing. We are on day 6 of straight rain. Its started to feel like the week in May 2006 that we got married and the city flooded, and the week in April 2007 that our basement flooded. Its been raining hard all day long. And its dark and windy. Yesterday Keira threw 750 Q tips on the floor. Today its crayons. I am not sure how many but its alot. I tried to show her how to draw pictures but she just wanted to empty all the crayons out of the container.

It stopped raining for 3 min and I quickly changed Keira into old play clothes and we went out to play in the puddles. It started raining about 5 sec after we got outside. Cute little baby footprints.
I love playing outside mom!
ahhh puddles. K's favorite thing to do lately.

More cute little footprints.
Keira always destroys my flowers. Either she pulls them with her hands on steps on them as she is doing here.
Begging for a cookie. She knows where I keep them and she walks over to that area of the kitchen points and whines. Its funny.
The yummy cookie. She ate like 10 of them...


alexish5 said...

I went to Hannaford today and bought two boxes of those cookies! Sarah is obsessed too! I am going to see if I can find them somewhere else cheaper.

Caroline said...

Hey I heard there was a tornado in NH today. I was like WHAT!? Is it just me or is NH an odd place for a tornado? haha this world is all topsy turvy now.

It rained all day here too, it feels like this whole summer has been like this!

k's mama said...

So weird!!! Its definately not tornado country here at all!!! The weather just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Record snowfall this past winter... spring rains in july. Crazy! and I am going crazy!

Tracy said...

Those cookies are gluten free?? I soo need to find some of them. Trader Joes??? It has been pretty decent here.. either raining or 90... right now.. 90. Looks like she didn't mind the rain!

sarah said...

It rained here today too. It looks like Keira's having fun in those puddles though:o) I love the little baby foot prints!

k's mama said...

yup they are glueten free... we actually bought them at the grocery store or health food store I can't remember. ( our grocery store has a huge organic, glueten free section) has them.
Healthy Times also makes a organic wheat free cereal for toddlers thas fortified with calcium, and iron etc. Check