Wednesday, July 09, 2008

ME 2008

Alexis and Sarah Matt and Sarah

The whole family.... K and Sarah

The past 2 days we have been in Maine visiting the Harrisons and soaking up the sun. We had a blast!!!!!!!!! The girls had fun hanging out and stealing each others toys and Keira LOVED the waves. The water was not the warmest being that is was the Maine coast but Keira didn't care. She would laugh every time the waves hit her. She absolutely loved the waves.... even after being in the water for a while and shivering she was still laughing. The weather was perfect. 90 and sunny... not so perfect to come home too though as our house was 87 degrees!!!!
The sand was a big hit too. Keira would sit in it and play for hours. I am tempted to have a ton of it dumped in my backyard just to it would keep her entertained. We are all sporting nice tans now.... so when we go to RI for the weekend we hopefully won't be the whitest people on the beach.


Caroline said...

Aw, Keira looks like she had so much fun! So what are you going to RI for? I saw you wrote on my blog you were going to Warwick which is literally 10 minutes away from my house in RI.

MommyKW said...

Looks like fun! Do your friends live on the beach? That would be my heaven! My fear is to be the whitest person in Florida when we go! haha!