Saturday, July 26, 2008

Life with a toddler

Here are some fun facts for ya

1)Keira pooped in the tub last night for the first time ever!! Gross

2) I read at least 30 board books a day to her by no choice of my own.. Usually at least 29 of those stories are the same. Have you ever tried reading "My First Farm Book " 29 times in one hour???? Today she brought 2 stories to read while I was sitting on the throne. Nice.

3) Right now she just shut herself in the bathroom and is whining for me to let her out.

4) Nothing in our house is in its spot thanks to Keira. Kitchen things are under our bed, living room toys are in her room, toys are in the bathroom, books and dolls are just hanging out in the bathtub- they would be floating in the toilet I am sure if we hadn't mastered the art of leaving the lid down unless the toilet is actively being used. All kinds are things are randomly thrown into the kitchen trash so that now the kitchen trash has a new home on my counter top
5) I now vacuum up cheerios, rice crispies and dried fruit of all sorts at least 2 times a day.

6) Keira just got another tooth!! That brings her up to 7... only 13 left to go! :o)


Caroline said...

I see you are counting down teeth like I am too. Jo has had 7 for awhile, I feel like a couple more are coming but I don't feel anything yet, I wish I did!

Your house sounds a lot like ours! Nothing is in the right spot here either. Kitchen stuff always ends up in the bathroom because Jo is OBSESSED with throwing things into the tub and toilet (although that is a lot harder for her to do now because we got a new toilet seat and it's A LOT heavier than our old one) I actually got into the habit of looking in the toilet before going to the bathroom because god forbid I go pee and then find out there is something in there I need to fish out haha.

Niki said...

Welcome to parenthood. You'll be having experiences like that for many years to come. Our boys now wrestle with each other and Dom knows just how to annoy Ari. They are both so active lately. At least they could get outside today!