Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cousin Love

Poor New England kids.. its mid march and everything is still covered in a foot of snow and its only 25 degrees out!

Only girl cousins on the Kalpakgian side!

The Kalpakgian kids like to wrestle

and act silly in Keira's bear cave


Anonymous said...

The West Coast has 3 "girlie Kalpakgian cousin girls" and 3 action packed play with year round in somewhat sunny weather....It is gorgeous here now, cold-ish in the mornings but warm afternoos! Ya all come down,hear! We need to plan a reunion...-Auntie Nancy K.

MommyKW said...

LOVE the shirt in the last picture! "I'm Out of Your League!" That is so perfect! I want it for the boys!

Caroline said...

I love the cave!