Saturday, March 14, 2009

Keira pics

This was her face this morning when I reminded her she had a new "baby " to play with courtesy of her cousin's hand me down toys.

taking an important phone call

This picture cracks me up!! Look at the expression on Keira's face. I believe this is her first look at a Barbie. She seems to be saying.. "What exactly are you? Are you a Little People or are you a baby doll??"

Keira's doll bed that she likes to think of as her own personal reading bench

Baby Alive. We are borrowing a "Baby Alive" doll from a friend and Keira loves it. She feeds it, gives it a bottle and then the baby talks and poops.


MommyKW said...

Love the first look at a Barbie! I think that might be what our faces would be like if we saw a real Barbie in person! haha!

Caroline said...

That baby is kinda creepy! What happens when it poops? haha I love the first picture! And the picture of her on the phone really looks like she's taking a serious call haha