Monday, March 23, 2009


Language at this age is so funny. Keira cracks us up multiple times a day with things she says. I tell Mike all the time I don't know what we laughed about before Keira. She is out hourly comic relief.
For instance... Twice after Sunday Mass in the past 2 months or so we have gone downstairs for donuts. Every time we are at church now for anything.. whether its a meeting , church or whatever Keira says "Donuts, Donuts!" She isn't even a big fan of them and doesn't usually take more than 1 or 2 bites but she always excitedly says " Donuts, Donuts! " when we pull into the parking lot.
Keira loves fruit snacks. She is seriously addicted to them. She asks for them at least 5 times a day. She calls all fruit snacks, fruit leathers, dried fruit sticks.. anything of that sort "Gummies"
One time about 2 months ago I put a pack of them in my pocket and went into the playroom where she was playing... I pulled them out of my pocket to give her and now she thinks that both Mike and I permanently carry Gummies in our pockets. Anytime we reach into any coat or hoodie pocket she says "Gummie? Gummie?" She knows where I keep them in the pantry too and every time I open the pantry for anything she comes running yelling "Gummies, gummies!"
Apple juice is a big and rare treat in this house for her. She knows that its from the grocery store.. because when she asks muliple times day for apple juice I tell her its at the store and Daddy will get some next time he goes. Sunday morning Mike went shopping and as he is bringing in the bags of groceries Keira comes running to the back door yelling "apple juice? apple juice!"
She has so many funny expressions that now that I sit down to write them down so I won't forget them I can't remember any of them.
The one word she says all day that cracks me up the most lately is when she asks for her cup- she calls water- wa-ja... and its so funny for some reason!
She has taken to sleeping with her babies and bears.. she brings them downstairs in the am so for every nap and bedtime we have to go all over the house and round up all her babies and her 2 bears. Normally she just sleeps with her 3 babies and 2 bears... she has 3 other dolls that she doesn't play with much. Well today she wanted to sleep with them all... She kept saying "Here Daddy" as she handed him each doll. Mike went up the stairs to put her to bed carrying 2 blankets, 2 bears, and 5 babies!


caroline said...

I know! I love this age too! Jo is talking so much now it's insane. She cracks us up all day!

TheCramsey's said...

That is so cute. It is so amazing how they learn things so early on... they are truly amazing...

alexish5 said...

They do say the cutest things! I am going to miss it when they grow up!

WildRose said...

Louisa is sleeping with her beloved blankie, Kitty, puppy froggy and baby! Yes we have go round them all up before nite nite, when I go to get her out of her crib she has ALL of them in her arms! So funny!