Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feeling Pessamistic

No festive St. Patty's Day pictures this year....Tanya is to nauseous and tired, Keira to whiny and Mike to busy.
Kitchen is halfway done.Will hopefully post pics tomorrow.
Keira is either getting a cold or her allergies and asthma are acting up... her nose has been running and she has been coughing all day long. Add in major drooling from the molars she is working on and she is one wet, cranky, slobbery mess. I put her to bed at 6 15 pm and its now 7:25 and I can still hear her coughing. She is still on inhaled steroids too!
ahhh will Winter and all the sickness it brings ever end?
Will the all day nausea ever end???
I wish I could go to sleep and wake up May first.... and have winter and most of this nasty morning sickness behind me.


caroline said...

Awww, keep your head up! I hope Keira feels better, and you too! Can't wait to see the finished kitchen =)

Anonymous said...

it might be all the added dust from the construction project that is adding to her coughing.

alexish5 said...

Looks like Keira and Sarah have the same thing. Sarah coughed throughout her entire nap yesterday and through the night!=(