Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Warm weather

Aww Look at that cute and dirty face!! It was almost 60 today so of course there was lots of backyard fun.

we still have plenty of snow though but its melting!!!


caroline said...

you guys have a pretty good sized backyard! we do too but my in-laws don't take care of it at all and have so much of their junk just in piles back there I don't even take Jo out back... it's a shame!

I love her little dirty face though haha!

MommyKW said...

What a cute little dirty face! I'm glad you guys could finally get outside in nice weather. Did it make you feel any better?

Tracy said...

Nice big yard!!! We have you beat on the amount of snow yet... it is sooo annoying!! Hopefully a few more weeks of this weather and we will be done with it...then comes the flooding.. sigh!!